Team Design:

Here at Arlington Cornhole (ACH) we do teams a little differently - we don't have or allow pre-built teams like other leagues.  The majority of the league has been playing together for a while, which has yielded a pretty wide-open social atmosphere for everyone to participate in - it's one of those "you'll believe it when you see it" type things, I promise.  We assign all players to teams with the idea of team balance / league competitive parity being first-and-foremost priority.  I know it sounds scary being teamed with some people you don't know, but we've had a lot of success with it over the years.  And, if you register with one of your friends it builds in someone on other teams to shit talk from day one! 

Bag Tossin':

Boards will be placed in their appropriate positions by a league official or senior league member with the goal of maximizing available space, up to, but no farther than 20' from the front of one board to the front of the other board - and each team will be given 4 bags.

  • Teams will play Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who throws first and who gets which side of the boards. One round, winner picks both.

  • Throws can occur from anywhere behind the front edge of the board, from your appropriate side.

  • Teams alternate throws until all 8 bags have been thrown.

  • Players on the opposite side then collect bags and begin their turn - whichever team scored the most points the prior turn earns honors and throws first.

  • If both teams have the same round score then honors stays with the team who had it the previous round.

  • This continues for 20 rounds - team with the most points at the end of the 20 rounds are declared the winning team.


Scoring is not net scoring (bags do not cancel one another out) but instead gross scoring (you each write down your own team's score) - highest total at the end wins.

  • Points shall be given as follows :

  • Bags that land on the board and stay on the board are worth 1 point.

  • Bags that go through the hole on the board are worth 3 points.

  • Bags may not hit walls or the floor and bounce onto the boards - bags which do this will be removed and counted as zero points. Bags *may* contact lighting which hangs in the way and count if they happen to land on the boards.


Ties are resolved by:

  • Teams select 1 person from their roster to throw head to head against someone from the other team. Rock, Paper, Scissors is played - winner selects if they want to throw 1st or 2nd in series.

  • They alternate throws, 1 bag at a time (for 4 bags each, like a standard round), clearing the board between throws each time. Standard scoring - 1 for on the board, 3 for in the hole.

  • Highest score at the end wins.

  • If the score is tied, each team selects a new player to throw who has not already thrown, and begins from #1 above with Rock, Paper, Scissors. This continues until your team is out of players who have not thrown. If any ties ever get to this point, all players are then eligible to throw again, and the process start over again.

Playoff Specific Rules:

  • Playoffs are single elimination. All additional playoff details are below:

    • Higher seed gets to chose the side of the board they want, the bags they want, if they want to throw 1st or 2nd in the opening round, and anything else I'm overlooking that's of trivial consequence but needs deciding.

    • Teams will face a -12 point scoring adjustment (cumulative) for every player they are missing after their first player. Example: a team of 5 people has 3 people show up, their final score will be the sum of their total thrown rounds minus 12 points; if they have only 2 people who show up, their score is minus 24 points; if they have only one person show up, their score is minus 36 points.

      • This scoring adjustment persists throughout every game during the playoffs.

    • If a team has a player who has not show up for any team games all season or has physically moved far, far away they will not be counted towards that team’s total number of players available for purposes of the above scoring adjustment.

      • This needs to be confirmed by a Bar Lead or League Manager to be applicable.

  • Clarendon:

    • All games, other than the 1st playoff week bar finals, will be the standard 20 round games.

      • The 1st playoff week bar finals will be a best of 3 format with each game being 12 rounds long.

    • All games during the Clarendon Championship week will be best of 3 format with each game being 20 rounds long.

  • Shirlington:

    • All games, other than the 1st playoff week bar finals, will be the standard 20 round games.

      • The 1st playoff week bar finals will be a best of 3 format with each game being 12 rounds long.

Clarendon Championships:

Each bar will crown their own champion in week 7 of league play. These league champions will meet at one bar during week 8 to play for the Clarendon Championship trophy and ultimate Clarendon bragging rights - all players, whether their teams have been eliminated or not, are both welcome and encouraged to attend this event! This tends to be our big season end blow-out party. One set of boards will be set aside for social play (not tournament play) and food & drink specials will still be in place.